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Effective Tax Planning To Save Your Tax Dollars

Tax Planning and Preparation is the foundation of our Accounting Services provided to you. Our services goal is to provide you a proactive tax planning to save your tax dollars. In addition to being a one-stop shop for personal and corporate income tax returns, we will review your past tax history and offer options to lower taxes in advance of the tax filing date.

Personal Income Taxes Preparation

We take the time to understand each client’s individual situation and then apply our expert knowledge of the changing tax environment to help them make suitable decisions. We develop strategies for individuals to take advantage of all the new tax laws and legislation, and rulings published by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

In addition, we believe that proactive tax planning is critical to minimize tax liabilities and encourage and educate our clients in the importance of year-round tax planning – and not just at year end.

Our value-added services go beyond the numbers. Our tax team is trained to help our clients solve their tax problems and save them tax dollars.   We provide clients with templates to track their expenses for their home, office, and automobile.   We review the past and offer ideas and options to lower taxes for the future.

Tax Services for Small Business Owners and Corporations

In addition to personal income taxes, The Accounting Services Canada provides services to help small business owners through the complex tax reporting and filing requirements of CRA. We offer free advice and tax planning for our small business clients before and after business and corporation income tax preparation and reporting.

Value Added Tax Management Services

Accounting Services Canada provides value to your company through your tax and accounting functions by focusing most tax and accounting functions toward compliance-based activities, such as improving financial statement reporting and mitigating internal control deficiencies. In addition, our tax management services will help your business to manage tax accounting-related risks and to ensure compliance with tax laws and reporting requirements.

Accounting Services Canada can help

Our Accounting Services and Tax Management team takes an integrated and holistic approach to customize best solutions to fit your specific needs in the following areas:

  • Tax Operations Effectiveness. We can help you to improve the internal operations of your tax function, assess potential risks and enhance the efficiency of your tax processes.
  • Tax Accounting Services. We can provide expert consulting and support with uncertain tax positions, and deferred tax analysis.


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